Please Sunrise, Please - Barbara Acklin ‎(Love Makes A Woman, 1968)

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  • 40 plays
  • Artist: Willie Henderson
  • Album: Dance With Willie Henderson 'The Master'
  • Track: Break Your Back

Break Your Back - Willie Henderson (Dance With Willie Henderson ‘The Master’, 1974)

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I Forgot To Tell You - Chuck Jackson ‎(I Forgot To Tell You / The Man & The Woman (The Boy and The Girl), 1972)

Bad Mouthing - Don Covay (Super Dude I, 1973)

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  • 3,921 plays
  • Artist: Gloria Gaynor
  • Track: I Will Survive

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor ‎(Love Tracks, 1978)

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Give Me A Little Sign - Timmy Willis ‎(Give Me A Little Sign / Don’t Want To Set Me Free, 1972)

Fever In The Funkhouse - General Crook (General Crook, 1974)

Party Strut - Gentlemen And Their Ladies (Party Time, 1974)

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Lucky, My Boy - Patrice Holloway (Stolen Hours / Lucky, My Boy, 1966)

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Any Day Now - Chuck Jackson ‎(Any Day Now, 1962)